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My latest research shows a universe that rings like a crystal glass

Two papers published in Astronomical Journal in 2015 and 2014 were picked up by Forbes and went viral.

Jupiter Under Investigaion

While in the Army then Private First Class Ringermacher performed laboratory work on the pressures that could be causing Jupiter's Red Spot. That work went on to be published in Time.

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I spent a career as an Industrial Research Physicist in the field of Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE). Along the way winning numerous patents, publishing papers, awarded medals and other accolades which underscore my contributions in this field. Simultaneous with my work in NDE, I have retained an intense interest in Special and General Relativity and Cosmology and published and presented many peer-reviewed papers on these subjects in prominent physics, relativity and astronomy journals. This fundamental research continues and is presented here for your consideration. As Professor Richard E. Norberg, physicist and pioneering researcher at Washington University and my University mentor said “You’ve earned the equivalent of two Ph.Ds.”. As at school, so in life. I hope you enjoy the physics and astrophotography on this site.